Martgol's Magic
Car Care Products.

Aston martins, ferraris, and Bentleys find their way to the unassuming parking structure in a quiet corner of Beverly Hills where Martgol’s Magic is housed. Here Martgol Beasley, who specializes in the detailing and paint restoration of upscale cars, applies 30-plus years of experience (along with a magnifying glass and a fine-hair brush) to techniques such as “claying,” in which a bar of clay is dragged lightly across a vehicle’s surface to remove small amounts of grime, tar, and rust.

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For years Martgol Beasley has been using Martgol's Magic at his own paint rejuvenation, and car detailing firm. Now his lifetime of experience is made available to you. Martgol’s Magic Offers a range of products; including our Tire Gloss, which is good for tires & not over glossy, Finish Enhancer, designed to enhance your cars finish and to maintain that just waxed look and the Paste Wax which seals and helps give more a deeper, glossier finish.

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