Pouring Equity Into the community.

Aqua Equity offers both mountain spring water and mineral-enriched, electrolyte enhanced water purified through reverse osmosis, providing a clean and crisp taste.

Aqua Equity aluminum packaged cans are recycled at a rate of more than 20x that of plastic bottles. Additionally, Aqua Equity water is sourced from local aquifers helping to reduce carbon pollution.

The ShopLove SLASHcard.

Want to support from Aqua Equity’s Good Works?

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Aqua Equity = Better Community

Every Aqua Equity product purchased results in a customer giving back to a socially disadvantaged community. Through the sale of Aqua Equity water, our company is able to expand the impact and reach of our Good Works.

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Since its inception, VSEDC has delivered economic resources to communities that often live
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